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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 17, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america on this thursday, december 17th. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephapoulos. this morning, a father's fight. an overseas court finally orders an american boy back to his dad. >> i would love to just take him in my arms and squeeze him and never let him go. >> we're live on the scene. and we hear from david goldman, who is arriving in brazil to reunite with his son. also, one-on-one with president obam what he told about charlie gibson about what surprised him the most about his first year in office. we also have new details in the case of the missing mom. why police are now calling her husband a person of interest. and is this what really happens when you drop your car off with a valet? video that has some parking attendants in the hot seat.
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we have some echoes of "ferris beuler" there. >> we do. we have a lot of news, including the latest on the new jersey dad, arriving in brazil this morning to try to reclaim custody of his 9-year-old son. another urt could step in to prevent it. and the case is reaching the highest levels of the u.s. government. even president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton, are weighing in. and it's a mix of good news and bad news for tiger woods. the same day it's announced he is named athlete of the decade, reports that his wife, elin, is asking for a divorce. this time, sarah palin's hat is causing commotion. did she dis her former campaign mate, by scratching off mccain's name off of a vise center.
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we begin with the case of a man finally may be getting his son back of a two-year legal battle. chris cuomo joins us for the first time many his new role as abc's chief legal correspondent" good morning, chris. >> good morning, robin. this should be over. there's specific international law on this issue. as we've learned with david goldman and his travails in brazil, the situation may be many things. but it's never simple. >> wish us luck. >> reporter: david goldman is headed to a reunion five years in the making, after a brazilian court removed what could be the final obstacle to reuniting with his son, sean. >> i'm hopeful that now that the rule of law was appearing to be followed, that the rule of god, the rule of nature, the rule of human decency will be followed. and my son will come home with me. >> reporter: for this father, the love of his baby boil fueled 11 trips to brazil to fight for his return. and to fight for parents' rights
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before a congressional committee investigating international child abduction. >> we need our children home. the children, our children, my child, needs to come home. >> reporter: this all began back in 2004, when goldman's wife, bruna, took their then-4-year-old son on a vacation to her native brazil. he never imagined they wouldn't come back. bruna stayed there, remarried a politically-connected lawyer. then, tragically died in childbirth. now, the hague convention requires children like sean, who are unlawfully taken to other countries to be returned. bruna's husband refused to send him back. the custody battle dragged on in brazilian courts. and david was only allowed to see sean once. a reunion earlier this year. >> it was so joy us. the only question he asked me was how come you haven't been here to see me in this time.
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i said, sean, i've been here. many times. >> reporter: this summer, a brazilian court ruled in favor of goldman, only to have the case sent to another court. the media atntion outraged secretary of state clinton, to take up the cause. >> we will continue to support mr. goldman in his efforts. >> reporter: goldman hopes that this trip is the one that brings his son home. >> i would love to just take him in my arms and squeeze him and never let him . but i know he's been under a lot of pressure from these people. and i'll just do my best to be his dad. >> all right, chris. i want to get your take on this. first of all, abc's jeffrey kofman is in rio de janeiro. he's on the phone. that's where david goldman is expected to arrive later this morning. what's the latest, jeffrey? >> reporter: good morning, from rio, robin. it comes down to what happens in rio. after waiting five years to get his son back, david goldman is on his way here. he is scheduled to touch down in
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rio in just a few hours. sean is believed to be in the custody of his stepfather and his mother's parents somewhere in this mass city. according to the ruling from the court of appeals, the 9-year-old boy is to be turned over to his dad at the u.s. consulate here in rio by tomorrow. we do not know if that will happen. we do not know if the stepfather's influential family will attempt more delays. they've attempted some. but if david goldman get his son back, the two will leave this country very quickly. robin? >> that would be expected. all right, jeffrey, thank you so much. jeffrey kofman in rio. chris, all sounds like good news. but i know you. and i look at your face. there's more to this. >> it's worrisome. there's this haig national convention. it's supposed to be clear legally. it's been anything but that for david goldman. if the stepfather has a judge write on a piece of paper, stay the order. stop it from happening. he's still waiting. that's the bottom line.
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the whole country, now, brazil, contls. >> the legal issue aside, the practical issue here. they don't know where he is in brazil. it's a big country. to have to find him and turn him over. >> i'm more concerned about the practical issue. they have 48 hours. where's the kid? do you have the kid? is he with the grandparents? is he in bral? no. he's actually out in the country. getting the child in is why david goldman is desperate. >> has to be within 48 hours. >> supposed to be. >> supposed to be within 48 hours. but if the family down in brazil gets to anothejudge, as you said, until he's back here in the u.s. even if he's in the consulate, he has to get out of the couny. >> not necessarily over. this is a very sophisticated issue. that's why goldman is so cautiously optimistic. >> when i talked to him in june, he was so incredibly hopeful. here we are in december and he still doesn't have his son. it could happen. >> hope so.
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>> all right. i know you're going to stay on top of this chris. good to see you. thanks so much. now over to george. >> robin, thanks. now, to the new abc news/"washington post" poll out this morning, whicturns out to be a bleak snapshot of the economy. the good news, half of americans say the recovery is beginning. but the vast majority fear it will be weak, all because of huge job losses. they're fueling deep pessimism. when he talked to charlie gibson, president obama said the job losses caught him by surprise. >> we didn't understand the repeatedty of job losses. you saw 700,000 jobs lost. you saw 650,000 job losts in each of the months. we knew the job growth was going to be lagging severely. and that was going to be one of our greatest challenges. >> that's an understatement. we're joined now by two economic power houses. liz ann sonders. and "new york times" reporter, and author of "too big to fail," andrew ross sorkin. there seems to be some hope. half the country believes the
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recovery has begun. but they don't believe it will be much of a recovery. and liz ann, that means that the country is pretty much in line with what most experts think. >> when you look at the depth of the downturn, and you look at the history of deep recessions, they're usually followed by very quick pops out of the recession. in fact, if you were to look at an average, it would suggest about an 8% or 9% gdp in the first or second quarter of this recovery. we obviously didn't get that in the first quarter of recovery. we're unlikely to get it. there's no question that this has been a subdued recovery, in light of how damaging the recession was. that's an easy call. >> we're not seeing the rubber band effect. and that means unemployment through most of next year. >> through most of next year. and part of the problem is, we look at the 10% number. and some economists think it can get worse. but marginally worse. >> but it was the jobs best quarter. >> the hard part is the number that people don't pay attention to.
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the average hours worked every week, which is only 33. which is a real low. if you want to be more productive, you're a business, you think you want to go hire more people, you make the person who is working 33 hours work 35. there's a lot of room between before we get that 10% number. >> a lot of businesses and a lot of state and loc institutions cut back. they said take fridays off. one friday off a month. >> exactly. >> meanwhile, we saw the federal reserve yesterday come out with a statement saying they expect interest rates to remain low for a pretty long period of time, even though they're starting to pump back their emergency programs. ben bernanke yesterday named person of the year by "time" magazine. but he's running into a bit of a buzzsaw confirmation. >> "time" names a person of the year because of their influence. not because of praise. he's been an extraordinarily influential person. i understand the split. bernanke, there's a lot of armchair quarterbacking of last fall's emergency efforts.
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i think that piece of his history will go down on the positive side of the ledger. we won't know what ifs. we only know he seems to have prevented the kind of collapse that was a possibility. it's what predated that, i think, that gets the most just criticism. >> and now, is he waiting too long to put on the brakes. some people worry about that. and he says low interest rates for a long period of time. >> i suspect we may not feel it that way. so, there will be low interest rates probably through the rest of this year. however, he has to start taking his foot off the brakes on other programs that pumped a lot of money in that system. and that means higher mortgage rates as we get closer to the summer. >> the banks have been using that money. >> exactly. >> bring us back to the banks. the president started off this week calling in all the bankers to washington. a few of them didn't make it. seemed like a message to the president. tried?rd do you think they
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>> i think they tried to get down. i think there's a larger issue, paid back the t.a.r.p. money, ve now that we, the taxpayers are no longer shareholders, we'll see proposals, obviously, and some change. but the real change that i think some people were hoping for, suspected would take place, it will be harder to get there. >> let me go back to the poll for a second. two other disturbing numbers in the poll, liz ann. 60% of americans think the economy is in long-term decline. excuse me. and 64% worried about maintaining their standard of living over the long-term. that seems like the definition of the kind of malaise that jimmy carter had to deal with back in the '70s. what's the real economic impact of those kinds of attitudes? >> well, first of all, i don't think it's all that abnormal when you have the kind of deep recession we have had, accompanied by double-digit unemployment. you go back to 1983, when we had an 11% unemployment rate. we were coming out of back-to-back recessions. a lot of similarities to the
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current environment. you had similar levels of pessimism. what we didn't know at that time was we were about to unleash an 18-year period of unprecedented growth and prosperity. i would love for that to be what we're facing in the next 18 years. it's certainly not the base case call. but i think we have to remember the pessimism that's bred after such a deep downturn is actually fairly normal because people are in that sort of emotional mode. >> but it brokfor ronald reagan. will it break for barack obama? >> let's hope. >> thank you for having us. for the news, let's go to juju chang. juju? >> good morning, everyone. we begin with word of a major security breach against the u.s. military. iraqi militants, funded by iran, have reportedly hacked into video feeds from u.s. spy drones. "the wall street journal" reports video from the drones was found on iraqi insurgents' laptops. feeds using a $26 piece of the software downloaded off the
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internet. a u.s. defense official says equipment iseing installed to encrypt drone feeds. the u.s. insists no u.s. missions have been harmed. top military advisers visiting troops in afghanistan. admiral mike mullen told soldiers this morning, the way to win the war is to focus on protecting the afghan people and avoid civilian casualties. president obama departs tonight for copenhagen, to attend the summit on climate change. secrary hillary clinton is in denmark to lay the groundwork for a deal on curbing u.s. gas emissions. this morning, he pledged u.s. help over the next decade to help poor nations combat global warming. disputes betwe rich and poor nations have plagued the summit so far. the white house isn't too happy with former democratic charn howard dean's push to kill the current form of health care reform. here on wednesday, dean slammed the bill, calling it an insurance company's dream. the white house fired back,
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saying the bill limits insurers and provides coverage for 30 million americans. a major victory on the war on drugs south of the border. we learned this morning that mexico's top drug boss was killed in a shoot-out on wednesday. his cartel is believed to be a key player in distributing cocaine to the u.s. finally, it looks like former vice presidential candidate, sarah palin, may harbor a few hard feelings toward her exrunning mate. palin was snapped on hawaiian beaches this week, wearing a mccain for president visor, with the letters blacked out. in a statement, palin says she adores john mccain. and she was trying to be incognito. and that's news at 7:14. >> that's truly. >> incognito? that will do it. >> has to be found. time, now, for the weather. and sam champion. good morning, sam. >> every shop on the beach in hawaii sells visors for about $5.99. every one. >> just saying.
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>> one or two things going on. just in case no one knew. the big shot of cold air. burlington at 2 degrees. these morning temperatures are 5 to 15 degrees below normal. look at the windchills you're waking up to this morning. burlington at 16 below. buffalo at 12 degrees. new york is 19 degrees. boston at 3 below zero. this is the way it feels when you step out the door. the cold air is lasting through weekend. big-time rains will hit new orleans, mobile, all the way into atlanta. over the next 24 hours. the rain is down here right now. but it does move toward the new orleans area as we get later on in the day. and over the next couple of days, this becomes a storm we'll talk about, affecting the snow, in the next half hour.tle
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and a very good morning, brian van de graaff here and we're looking at temperatures in the 20's with a little bit of a breeze but not as intense as yesterday. it feels like the upper teens. plenty of sunshine today and less wind, near 40 today. back into the 20's tonight. tomorrow, another: with clouds moving in. we could have snow by saturday. more on what could be a friday night mid-atlantic snowmaker in the next half hour. robin? >> all right, sam. thank you. how ironic is this for timing.
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tiger woods has just been voted athlete of the decade. the honor coming on the same day that reports his wife wants a divorce. abc's john berman has been following this from the beginning. he has the latest on this. >> reporter: good morning, robin. talk about the ultimate good news/bad news day for woods. the associated press calls him the athlete of the decade. nice, right? well, "people" magazine and is reporting that his wife is making plans to leave him. weird, right? well, just another day in the life of tiger turmoil. the associated press says more than half the ballots were returned after the november 27th car accident, outside his florida home. after the perfect tiger became the problem tiger. >> the voters, the editors around the country, were able to separate tiger the man from tiger the golfer. >> reporter: 64 wins in the past 10 years, including 12 majors. only four of golf's greatest players have ever won more their entire careers. but before tiger gets too excited reading the associated
7:18 am
press, he might want to read "people" magazine. >> it would not appear that elin nordegren is going to be standing by her man. sources have told us that elin has decided this marriage is over. and she is looking to divorce. >> reporter: "people" says there is a reason woods was snapped in these tabloid photos without her wedding ring. the magazine reports elin is convinced tiger will not change his ways. >> elin is shopping around for a divorce attorney. and clearly, whoever she has representing her, is going to be ready to do battle. >> reporter: what does tiger think about all this? well, who knows? even his close friends like charles barkley, says they haven't been able to reach him. this is in a headline news interview. >> i think when you have these fires in your life, as i call them, you need to talk to somebody else who is famous who have. >> reporter: one other thing. there have been reports that elin was going to sign one of her endorsement deals with one of nike's rivals, puma. puma tells us no dice.
7:19 am
they have no plans for such a deal. robin? >> it shows a lot of misinformation is out there. >> reporter: indeed. >> you spend a lot of time down there. >> my wife was telling you that, too. >> what was the atmosphere like? what was the reaction from people down there? >> in a word, hostile. they were sick of seeing us. we were parked outside of tiger woods' gated community. the police were kicking us out of there. not just us. but the entire media contingent. the reception was not warm. >> you had a double cold front. your wife back at home. and everyone down there in florida. >> thanks a lot, john. appreciate it. take a look at this "picture of the morning." it is going to strike fear of everyone who leaves their car in a parking garage. an attendant, making this his personal racetrack. >> no way. >> doughnuts. >> this was in st. louis. the hotel fired this valet company before they saw the video. >> of course, it does remind you of "ferris beuler," right?
7:20 am
"ferris beuler's day off." here he comes in the ferrari. there he goes. >> and driving in reverse to take back the miles. but in st. louis -- coming up, the pressure mounts on the husband of missing utah mom. police now calling him a person of interest. the latest on the investigation, coming up. and eight days and counting until christmas. will presents reach their destination in time? becky worley joins us with last-minute shipping tips. it's the 2 day sale at toys "r" us!
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>> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning. i am doug mckelway. it is 7:22 on this thursday. let's start with lisa baden. >> there are patches of ice here and there. we will take you live to traffic that seems frozen in the hov lane because of a bus broken down at the exit for the
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pentagon. that is impeding the right side and two legs are getting by but look at the backup. here is 395 live, close to edsall road, that is where delays begin. on 270, there was a crash southbound leaving germantown. the crashes on the shoulder. a very good morning, [no audio]
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>> this is our pattern that is evolving. it is sunny today, cold, clear, and cool tonight. tomorrow will still be chilly with clouds moving in the and a system moves and sunday. moister moves in and the potential for some snow. today, mostly sunny and 40 degrees. today, mostly sunny and 40 degrees. what you might not know is that you can contact geico to see if you could save on homeowner's and renter's insurance too. for more information call 1-800-947-auto or check the yellow pages for an office near you. [tires screeching] [screech] accidents can happen anytime. that's why geico's here 24 hours a day, every day. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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the hunt is on for a serial rapist who appears to be back in our region. he is belved to be responsible
7:26 am
for many attack reaching back a decade. >> he last struck in dale city. three teenage girls were trick of treating halloween night and grab at gunpoint and two or sexually of salted. >> it is a tragedy. with all the science and technology we have, you would think we could bring to closure. >> the technology says he struck before. dna has like a man to 13 years of assaults in four states. that is not all -- >> i don't any of us have a question that there are other questicases that are linked by a in prince george's county is where some of the earliest attacks occurred in 1997 para >> he should of been called a long time ago it should not have carried on for 13 years. >> police have not found a match for the dna in any of their databases. the latest description is limited.
7:27 am
detective so public can help and perhaps someone knows of a man who fits the description. he is a man who is familiar with our area, rhode island, and connecticut and who might have lived or troubled in both areas over the last 13 years. we should know later today how much it will cost to drive and intercounty connector. they will vote on the proposed toll rates that could be up to 35 cents per mile. after weeks of shortages, swine flu shots are open to everyone. health officials say nearly half the states have enough vaccine to go around. if you are still in need, stop by your latest safeway stores. the stores with pharmacies are offering the shot for $15 and will be given out on a first- come, first-served basis the mist and the injectable version are available. virginia stores will only offer
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the company you keep. we have new details this morning in the case of that missing mom from utah. police are now calling susan powell's husband a person of interest, saying he is not cooperating with the investigation. and we'll have the latest straight ahead. we say good morning, america. i'm robin roberts. >> i'm george stephanopoulos. also this morning, it is crunch time for everyone sending off christmas presents. most of those online deals for free shipping end today. and becky worley is here to tell us how to beat the deadlines and get eat last-minute deals. >> we could use that advice. and the number one question women are asking in the wake of what's going on in t headlines, why do men cheat? well, our romance guru, steve harvey, is breaking ranks to tell us why men stray. and how women can tell.
7:31 am
that's in our next half hour. first, we want to get the latest in the case of the missing mother of two. abc's lisa fletcher is live in utah with the details. lisa? >> reporter: good morning, george. police have officially named joshua powell a person of interest, in the disappearance of his wife, susan. and they have taken his dna with a court order. and there's also reports this morning that they have seized a notebook from susan powell's desk at work, that may contain information about her relationship with her husband. >> for susan's sake, he just needs to open up and talk to everybody and ask for help. people are going to listen to him. >> reporter: police say joshua powell's refused to answer direct questions. and won't take them to the campsite he claimed to be at the night susan disappeared. so, they're going door-to-door, in powell's neighborhood, again. any luck so far? >> i can't say on that. we'll just talk to everybody and hope for the best. >> reporter: police say the case is very tough because the person
7:32 am
closest to susan is barely talking. would it be fair to say, in many ways the neighbors have been more helpful and cooperative than joshua powell. >> with the information they've had available to them, yes. they have been willing to answer direct questions. >> reporter: websites are already drawing parallels to the scott peterson case. in 2002, and initially refused i to talk to police. peterson claimed he went fishing, leaving his wife, laci, behind on christmas eve. while powell says he left his sick wife behind, to take the children camping at midnight, in a winter storm. in 2003, diane sawyer asked peterson about his unusual claims. wife.u have a very pregnant and you decide to go fishing? >> uh-huh. >> what did that say about the two of you? >> my day waopen to play golf or go fishing. and i chose fishing that day. >> reporter: eventually, family became suspicious. >> he knows who he needs to talk to. and that's the police.
7:33 am
>> reporter: some in susan powell's family now hint to similar feelings. >> i wouldn't be surprised to find that he gets arrested in the next, i don't know, seven days. even if he's innocent, there's still something more that he's not telling us. >> reporter: joshua powell's attorney told abc news, in a written statement, that the police did not contact them yesterday. and he says the only reason police are showing increased interest in powell is because there is pressure on them to show direction. george? >> thanks, lisa. joining us now from utah, is west valley assistant police chief, craig black. good morning, officer. >> good morning. >> you've now named joshua powell a person of interest. why? >> well, i think from an investigative standpoint, we have been interested in what josh, as well as other people, have had to say from the very start of this investigation. as we have interviewed other people that have either come forward to us with information that they felt or we felt was
7:34 am
pertinent in trying to locate susan, we've been able to feel like they've been quite forthcoming in answering questions and helping to find susan. whereas josh's reasons for not wanting to approach the police department or come and work with us in a little more forthcoming manner have, you know, kind of generated some controversy among the officers, the detectives working the case. and it's also, you know, certainly been something that's been questioned by community members that are following what's happening. >> is he stone walling you? >> i don't want to speculate on what josh's tive is for not being as worth coming and cooperative as we would like him to be. but i think it's important to note that he has done nothing as it relates to our investigation, that he doesn't have every right to do. just because we want to talk t him, does not mean he has to talk to us. would it help facilitate the leads that we have been given and are trying to develop and,
7:35 am
you know, just standard operating procedures when it comes to a missing person's case of this nature? yeah. that would be helpful. but he's under no obligation to do that. that's entirely his choice. >> but you haven't yet concluded this is a case of foul play? >> we haven't come to that as a solid conclusion. but it's clear to us that that's a likely possibility. we, like many of the family members and friends, have expressed, you know, share the same hope. that this will have a happy outcome. but, you know, it would not be prudent for us to just rely that that's going to happen. and we need to treat this as if it is a criminal investigation at this point. in the event that it does go that direction. >> as you say, it looks like it's heading in that direction? >> you know, all of the leads at this point would indicate that that's the direction this will end up going. >> okay. chief black, thanks very much for your time this morning. >> thank you.
7:36 am
and here with more perspective on the case, is forensic psychiatrist, and abc news consultant, michael winer. good morning. >> good morning. >> a delicate dance by the chief, saying that josh powell's only a person of interest right now. but this is heading in the direction of a criminal case. so, what are they looking at specifically right now? what are they trying to nail down? >> i think from a forensic science standpoint, one of the biggest challenges in a missing person's case, is to sort out your theories and guesses from fact. and the most powerful fact to me, as a forensic psychiatrist, isn't even the husband and wife. it's the two children. even if he isn't compelled to be very involved in the search for finding their mother, well then they're pressuring him. where's mommy? and his lack of response to the pressure from his children is striking and distinguishes it from the scott peterson and other kinds of notorious cases that we talked about in the past. >> and the police have talked to at least one of the sons.
7:37 am
how do you approach something like that? >> delicately because memories can be implanted into children. ideas can be distorted. and children who are potentially valuable witnesses can be contaminated. police are not only concerning themselves with potentially identifying what has happened to mrs. powell. but also worrying about the case and the fidelity of evidence. and the children may be an incredibly valuable source of evidence. if they're contaminated, then police may provide answers but no resolution. >> how will they figure out if the kids have been contaminated? >> that's part of what's i think, based on my own professional experience, in a sensitive case, police make sure that the interviews are carefully structured. carefully orchestrated by people they have exceptional confidence in. and they have a careful sense of what they're going to ask and who's going to have access to the children. >> how about this notebook that lisa fletcher talked about? they found a notebook of susan powell's that might have
7:38 am
contained some threats on her from about a year ago. the ief wouldn't talk about it at all. but how -- what can you learn from that? >> i think it's important for all of us to understand that when a husband is suspected in a wife's disappearance, it's really the end point of a flow chart. people can go missing. but this is a case when someone vanished. when someone vanishes, apparently from her own home, with no sign of forced entry. and no sign of robbery. and no sign of struggle. naturally, the greatest source of conflict comes from the greatest source of intimacy. when spouses get suspected and spouses are involved in foul play, particularly husbands, there are four things to consider. financial, jealousy, abandonment, proprietary. you're my wife, you're nobody else's. and it can be any one of the above. we understand there's financial problems. and we understand this is christmas season. my professional experience tells me this is the season not just of wife -- of spousal homicide.
7:39 am
this is the season of familicide. what i'm interested in as a psychiatrist, what was the inteion for those children late at night? have those children been saved from what might have otherwise been a tragic fate? and there may be more to the story of the children going out late at night. again, this is the season where financial problems and catastrophe and family has actually been associated with wiping out an entire family. >> you're going back to the story that set off the alarm bells from the beginning. camping 12:30 on a sunday night. >> oh, george. i've said here before and i will tell you, as my congratulations and welcome to "good morning america." forensic psychiatric perspective is, if it doesn't add up, it means there's more to the story. of course, it doesn't add up. of course. but at the same time, police will learn more by understanding his routines, relative to what he did. if he does peculiar things, it's unfair to judge him harshly. but we have facebook.
7:40 am
and we have internet. and we have text messaging. and we have bank records. the information age is a tremendous tool to law enforcement to ferret out and flush out motive. and to focus questioning. one last point, though. we can't overlook that just as this is the season where financial challenges are linked to catastrophe, christmas season, this is also the season of depression. and we don't know to what degree his communication is impaired or affected by what he's going thugh mentally. we just see a vacant, uninvolved person. >> okay. michael welner, thanks very much. >> appreciate your interest. we're trying something new here at abc to help you get involved. head to and we'll show you how to held. the search for susan and other missing people. it's time for the weather and sam champion. sam? >> hey, george. we're going to start with a wet and rainy texas gulf coast. it has been all week lonand continues this morning, from
7:41 am
corpus, to houston, to new orleans this morning. we'll take the storm system and run it ahead for the next couple of days. here's the low that spins the rain on the texas gulf coast and louisiana later today. it's heavy rain that moves in that direction. we feel like this storm will hop over later tonight into the next 48 hours, to become an east coast -- what could be an east coast snowmaker. there will be heavy rain from new orleans to mobile to atlanta. you'll pick up rain. those could be two to three inches of rain. big, heavy rains. what about the snow here? we think it's friday, late friday, that we begin to see mountain sno by the time we get int around temperatures are in the 20's. there is a little bit of a wind chill. 40 degrees this afternoon and tomorrow but the big dealouthwe. that's like two days in a row.
7:42 am
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tell congress we need good health care we can afford with the choice of a public health insurance option now. well, time is running out for all you holiday gift-givers. the cutoff for getting your packages delivered by christmas is coming soon. and most of those great online deals for free shipping end today. our "gma" technology contributor, becky worley, who is at home in oakland, trying to get her own gifts out, has some tips for us this morning, via skype. so, what's the deal here, becky? >> yeah. today is the last day, robin, for many online retailers to offer free shipping with guaranteed delivery by christmas. we're talking about the big ones here.
7:46 am
and i should add, free shipping means you still have to qualify for that by having a minimum purchase of about $50. that's the average. >> okay. what about other key shipping deadlines? >> right. so, fedex ground is today, december 17th. after that, you go into the expedited range, which gets much more expensive. then, we can talk about u.p.s. ground. that was yesterday. but checking a tool on their site that estimates delivery dates, you can sll squeeze in most deliveries if you get them shipped out today. military post office, a.p.o. boxes. those addresses you have until december 18th with the u.s. postal service. that's with express shipping only. that's your only option. after that, we're talking about u.s. postal service. we've got the first class and priority mail deadline, december 21st. and that's a monday. >> so, if you've missed those cutoff dates, what's some alternatives? >> many online retailers have
7:47 am
something called ship to store. or pickup in store. we're talking about, radio shack, best buy. you buy online with your credit cart online. and tell it which store you want to pick up at. you can do that locally. you don't have to stand in line. you can grab it at the customer service desk. this is great to travelers. you don't have to schlep it to grandma's house. you can pick it up there and not pay the baggage fees. >> what is that? >> this is the famous zhu zhu hamster. there's big news here. there's been scarcity around the zhu zhu hamster. but walmart, starting sunday, december 21st, at 7:00 a.m., in stores all across the country, will have lines forming for people who want to get one, mit one per customer, zhu zhu pet, for $8 at walmart, starting monday. in-store only. >> and they're safe. there was some concern they were
7:48 am
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what i just said, why do men cheat, i looked over at sam.
7:52 am
and you were cringing your nose a little bit. >> a sideways face. it's a question people are asking steve harvey. "gma" is not making that a headline. >> steve harvey has that big advice book. steve harvey, welcomes the questions. >> that's all. >> we'll be right back. it's 2:0. it's 2:00 a.m. christmas morning. it's our first christmas as a family. i couldn't wait. male announcer: save 25% on all citizen watches. one more reason - you think she'll remember this christmas? - i know i will.
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7:56 am
>> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. it is 7:56 and i am delhomme -- doug mckelway with your local update. >> it is recalled outside and we have had several callers complain about a patch of ice and inbound canal road. but caused a single car crash. be careful in the period. i will show you the pace of traffic on 395. we are interested in the main line delays. it looks like delays are out of it newington to get up to the pentagon but the hov is improving a little bit. the pentagon had a bus broken down and now that is completely
7:57 am
gone. we will go to maryland on 270. it is sunny. 26 degrees and sunny. the cold air will slap you across the face as you head out this morning. this was out and it looks great but it is downright better across the area. by pressure builds in and it will be called bud dry today. the next system works its way into the weekend and that could bring as measurable snow. a d.c. police of a remains behind bars for his role in a botched robry. officer reginald jones has been charged with felony murder. he arranged and was the lookout
7:58 am
in the attempted robbery of a suspected drug dealer. one of the alleged robbers was shot and killed. the judge denied the policeman's bail. thank you for watc
7:59 am
8:00 am
the heat is on. it's "iron chef" "gma" style. emeril lagasse, versus mario batali. they're facing off in a cooking contest. 40 minutes to make a dish using a secret ingredients, along with the contents of the "gma" pantry. we'll find out who has the recipe for victory. these guys look serious this morning. good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm robin roberts, here with sam champion. it's thursday, december 17th. and it's time, sam. reveal the secret ingredient. >> do you know the secret ingredient? >> lots of apples there. >> apples. >> 40 minutes. >> let's start the countdo clock. 40 minutes. if you can accept this
8:01 am
challenge, and with an open heart and empty stomach, i say to you, in the words of "iron chef america," les cuisine. >> thank you, sir. we're going to check on the "iron chef america" special. these guys had a chance to go to the white house and meet first lady michelle obama. they got pitted in a contest against the white house chef. first time that happened. >> with the first lady. >> it was quite an experience. i can tell you that. >> was it, really? >> absolutely. >> we'll share that in a moment. and also in the next half hour, ladies, you can come upstairs with me. we'll answer the question of why do men cheat? how you can tell if your man may be cheating. steve harvey is here to lend his wit and wisdom to the top nick the headlines. he's coming clean.
8:02 am
we're going to go upstairs and have straight talk with steve harvey. juju chang is upstairs with the morning's news right now. juju? >> good morning, everyone. i'm working up an appetite for the iron chef faceoff. first, the news headlines. we begin with a five-year international custody fight which finally may be coming to an end for a new jersey father, whose wife took their 9-year-old d never came back.arried there jeffrey kofman is in rio de janeiro, with the latest developments. >> reporter: more developments. david goldman, the 9-year-old boy's father has landed here in brazil. he took an overnight flight from new york. he is now in s paulo. he'll be landing in rio in afternoon, to reclaim his son, who is believed to be in the custody of the stepfather and late mother's grandparents. the court of appeals ruled they must hand over the boy to his father. tomorrow here in rio at the u.s. consulate. david goldman doesn't know if that's going to happen.
8:03 am
as he boarded the flight to rio, he told us he is tired and anxious. juju? >> jeffrey kofman, thanks. there's new hopes this morning for a breakthrough at the u.n. climate summit in copenhagen. secretary of state hillary clinton announced today, that the u.s. is willing to join other rich nations in raising $100 billion a year to help poor nations cope with climate change. it could pave a deal to cut emissions. president obama arrives in copenhagen tonight. "the wall street journal" says the video was found on the laptops of militants, funded by iran. the insurgents apparently hacked into the drone using $26 software, downloaded off the internet. the military says no missions were jeopardized. roy disney, the nephew of walt disney, has died. roy was a 56-year veteran of his uncle walt's company, heading up the animation unit and holding a top spot on the board of
8:04 am
directors. he was a philanthropist and passionate sailor. roy disney was 79 years old. and the biggest bet in las vegas history last night. fireworks welcomed the public to the aria resort and casino. the centerpiece of the citycenter complex. the building has 4,000 rooms and $117 million in poker chips. that's a lot of chips. that's the news at 8:04. sam, what you can't see inside is another statistic. 14,000 jobs for people in that hotel. >> let's hope it picks up in that aa, as well. juju, you know how i know it's a big show down here? >> how do you know that, sam? >> i have emeril and mario in the kitchen. but look at this. we pulled out the spotlight. >> ooh, nice. >> that's how we know it's a big show. good morning, everybody. let me ask you. what's your name again? >> cindy. >> cindy, you just gave me this
8:05 am
coin. and i don't know if you can see this. is this spendable money? >> it sure is. >> what is it? >> it's a gold dollar. and the presidential gold coins. there's five different ones. >> and someone said, you wanted to know, sir, if it had the -- >> in god you trust. >> it does. it had ate on the side. i was not aware of the conversation. we learn something every day on "gma." i will spend it, by the way. you're not getting this back. i'll find something. i'll go to mario or emeril's restaurant and spend my gold dollar. let's get to the board. show you what's going on this morning. there's a live shot from new york city. if you're not watching new >> they're very good morning. we have a new camera next to an exhaust pipe. it is not that cloudy outside at
8:06 am
all. it is clear. 26 downtown. alexander, 28. 28 in the district. let's take a look at the maps. cold, high pressure. iteeps us chilly. system starts moving in from the south. system starts moving in from the south. of course, there's a lot of stuff going on downstairs this half hour and next half hour. robin? >> right, sam. thank you. now, it's a relationship issue that's been all over the headlines. men and infidelity. that's a nice way of saying why do menheat? "gma" special contributor, steve harvey is here. we're going to talk to the author of the best-selling relationship book, "act like a lady, think like a man" on this topic. first, we spoke with men all across the country, who weighed in on this issue.
8:07 am
>> i think men cheat because -- because i can. >> why do men cheat? because they're probably not happy with the relationship they're in. >> i think it's in men's dna to have more sexual activity. >> they're lonely. they're pigs. no. scratch. >> i think if women cheat, they're a cougar or they're loose. and if a man cheats, go get 'em, guy. >> guys cheat for sex. may not be an emotional attachment. with women, there's definitely an emotional element to that. >> i think that's just an excuse. for, you know, to say at, oh. all men cheat. but they don't. that's just giving someone an excuse. >> i think it's expected. not expected. but allowed. >> really? >> if men cheat. well, not by me. >> it's allowed? >> paul was like, hey, really? yeah.
8:08 am
"gma" special contributor, steve harvey, is here. hi, steve. >> how are you doing, robin? >> i'm great. you said when you're out holding your seminars this, is the top question you get. >> without a doubt. it's the number one question asked. it's a big question. it causes a loof pain in relationships because it violates the trust. and it's so hard to get it back once you've done it. so, it's probably the most painful thing out there. >> all right. let's get to some of the questions we've had. again, we talked to people all across the country. and this is a question. it's from kathleen. we heard this over and over and over again. kathleen? >> question for you, steve harvey. how would i know if my boyfriend or husband is cheating? what are the signs? >> well, if his cell phone rings and he is in the shower, and he runs through the glass door to answer it. >> that's one sign. okay.
8:09 am
>> that's a good one. >> yeah. >> and if he sleeps with his cell phone duct taped to his thigh. that's a good way to tell. i think really, the more serious answer's become, if there's an attitude change. you know, if your man doesn't care anymore about the intimacy, whether you're having him with him or not. if it doesn't make a difference to him, if he's indifferent to it. that attitude adjustment is serious. and a big one is, if his intimate performance with you has changed. if all of a dden, you're seeing new moves and -- >> new tricks. >> brand-new tricks. you know, this is -- guys, our imagination ain't that good. we have got to go practice these things. we can't just bring them in there. you know? we've got to -- >> all practical signs that we should look for. >> absolutely. >> let's get to another question. and this is a question that some men in relationships say they struggle with. >> hey, steve. if somody's flirting with me,
8:10 am
how should i handle that? >> it's the old, that's not my fault. >> he's lucky if this happens. anyway. if somebody's flirting with you, you know, you have to be careful because flirting pushes the primal instinct button in men. by nature, you know, we're predators. and so, if you -- if you show that little twitch, flex reaction, the dangle a carrot, and we immediately go for it. it's a dangerous thing to flirt. where does it stop? if you keep the flirting up, it's going to lead to somebody. the best way to do it is to laugh it off. girl, you're crazy. and go home. >> and just move on. >> yeah. if you do it, you're not going to win. >> another question. this is christine from san francisco. >> hey, steve. i have a question. if i suspect my fiance of cheating, is it okay if i check his e-mails and phone records? >> oh. you know, i don't really like that, personally. i don't think it's correct. i think you should respect a
8:11 am
person's privacy. and there's an old saying, you know? if you go looking for trouble, you're going to find it. here's the deal. if your guy is cheating, you're going to find out. you don't have to go looking for it. you always find out. now, that's if he's cheating. if you're wondering if he's cheating because in light of everything that's going on today, everybody. i wonder if my guy -- if you're wondering and you go looking, you're going to find something. it can be an innocent e-mail. it can be a phone number attached to business. if you stuck it in your mind, wow. he's cheating, too. and you see this stuff, it can turn into something else. i know a lot of relationships that are shot now, i mean, gone, because someone suspected and went looking and found something innocent and turned it into something th it really wasn't. >> they're saying text message isn't all that. that's lipstick on the collar from back in the day. >> i don't recommend text messaging. all my notes is by carrier
8:12 am
pigeon. >> just cut out the middle. she wants to know this about cheating. >> why are all these men that are in power think they can get away with it? >> i mean, you know, it's not just men of power. you know, cheating is not reserved to men of power. it happens to the truck driver, the cab driver, the janitor. it can happen to anybody. it happens to women. you know, men of power just have more opportunities. you know, women fail to look at this thing sometimes. a guy, there are trophy men just like there's trophy women. there's women that men want to conquer. there's men that women want to conquer. a guy walks into a room. has himself established, fame-wise, money-wise. there's women over there eye balling this guy. he may not be aware of it. that's why the athletic bus pulls up at the hotel. what's it filled with? a lobby full of groupies.
8:13 am
guess what? they want the trophy guy. they don't care if he's married or not. so, for the famous guy, the powerful guy, it's just tougher, there's more opportunities presented. best thing is to go, i just want to go home. i have to get through the mine field. >> to get there. >> to get there. >> you know, it's not just men. not just men. you'll see. women do it, too. another question. >> steve, what can i do to prevent my wife from cheating? >> wow. you very rarely get that question. >> but it happens. people don't talk about it. but it does happen. >> it happens a lot. a lot more than people discuss. on my radio show, i get these letters all the time, from women who have these great guys that are providers, do everything he's supposed to do. but still, she wants something else. but it's rare because most women, if you are attentive to them. if you're a provider for them. if you're communicative with them.
8:14 am
if you're loving to them. if you're giving them the things most women want, most women will stay put. the average woman is really decent. she'll stay put because she's gone -- she has what she wants. you know? most women will stay put in that situation. so, when a guy goes how do i keep my wife from cheating? this is a guy, i can assure you is not taking care of his business. >> oh. those are the questions we have. but there was one other one that ca by e-mail. it was one we were talking about a lot in the studio. and i can hear our momma saying this. once a cheater, always a cheater. you know? once a cheater, always a cheater. is that the case? let's come clean here, now. you have spoken about how you made some mistakes in the past. you learned from those mistakes. are you speaking from experience? >> well, okay. on national tv. >> george is coming over. >> i made some mistakes in my
8:15 am
life. you get married. a third marriage. i'm very happy now. yeah. i made those mistakes. but people have to know. once a cheater, always a cheater, that's not a true statement. people grow. people get better. people learn from their mistakes. people move on. people discover what went wrong before and learn how not to make those mistakes again. that's a myth that women have passed down throughout the years that once a cheater, always a cheater. you've lost some great relationships because women bring that baggage to the next relationship. and it kills something that could be really good. so, i'm very happy now. and i go home. let's put that on tv, please. >> his wife, marjorie. >> thank you, god. >> thank you, steve, for your straight talk. do you have a question for our man, steve? ask him on our website, and read an excerpt on his book. next, emeril and mario face and read an excerpt on his book. next, emeril and mario face off, "iron chef" style. some of these...
8:16 am
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with keep the change®. by changing her medicare prescription plan. all we had to do was go to and use the free savings calculator. we learned that changing your medicare part d plan could save an average of $612. woman: we just entered my prescriptions, and it compared plans for us. it was easy to find the right plan for the prescriptions i need. your cvs pharmacist can help, too. come in today, or go to before december 31st to find the best plan for you -- at cvs/pharmacy. and it's time, now, to check in on our "iron chefs," emeril lagasse and mario batali. we don't know what they're doing with the apples. but they're about halfway
8:20 am
through. emeril and mario were teammates on the superchef battle that took place at the white house. let's look at the challenge they received from the very special guest, first lady, michelle obama. >> welcome to the white house. as you know, we have planted a beautiful vegetable garden right here on the south lawn. wow. look at these. look at that bunch. and we've been working with kids in our local area to use the garden as a tool to help teach them about healthy eating. and we really want you all to be a part of helping us spread that message. and my surprise today is that your secret ingredient -- is anything from the white house garden. >> so, you guys got to run through that guard opinion mario, you said it was an incredible experience. what was the best part? >> standing next to michelle obama, one of the great americans of all-time. she's stunning. she's eight feet tall. she's beautiful. and the dress she was wearing
8:21 am
that day we call batali orange. but now, we're going to call it obama-batali orange. >> emeril, if you had a chance to do a white house state dinner, what would you cook? >> i'll tell you, it was a great experience being there. and the garden, george, is phenomenal. i would try to use the ingredients out of the garden. it was that stunning. >> how are things going down there? how is that going? >> i thought we were only making one dish. >> you're only limited by your imagination, my friend. >> we will check back in. we're going to be right back with robert downey jr. in a couple minutes. he'll be here live. h. (mom) i hought he'd take t hard, but..., good job. (mom) ! ...turns out, he was actually kindof proud of her. (announcer) faily moments cost les at walmart. more games and more fun with xbox 360 and now through decembr 24th, find these and other popular videogames for $50, rated e to t. save money. live better.
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8:25 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. and good morning. welcome back. i am alison starling. 8:25 is your time on this thursday. let's begin with your traffic and weather. >> for 66 commuters, delays eastbound close to manassas at 28 centreville. no accidents allowed on 66. eastbound traffic is slowing on 66 inside the beltway but just briefly acrostic roosevelt bridge. if you take 95 in virginia, there is a backup out of newington on the main line that goes off and on to the 14th street bridge. leaving springfield, it is clearing out. better to etzel road.
8:26 am
there was an earlier problem at the pentagon that is now gone. -- better to edsall road. we will go to whether after this. -- we will go to the weather after this. >> and a very good morning. take a look outside. blue skies overhead. but cold skies. very cold out there. you have to bundle up as you head outside. winchester, 23. your forecast, abundant sunshine. last wind. there is a nip in the air. tomorrow, clouds will move on in. it looks like the chance of some snow developing saturday and wrapping up by sunday. stay with us. we will be right back. stay with us. we will be right back.
8:27 am
police are searching for a serial rapist who appears to be back in our region. he is believed to be responsible for at least 13 rapes since 1997
8:28 am
virginia, maryland, connecticut, and rhode island. in the latest incident, two teenagers were rates on halloween nigh we should know how much it will cost to drive of the intercounty connector. metro transit authority wil vote on the toll rates. there will be up to 35 cents per mile depending on the time of day. it could cost up to six dollars each way. it woman living with hiv is scheduled to be evicted from her home today. she said this is because those responsible for paying her rent were late. the woman said she applied for help from a d.c. housing program. under this program, she had to pay 30% of for a monthly rent. she said the city was late paying its portion. >> if you're going to help me, help me. the department of health.
8:29 am
it's wintertime, christmastime. i didn't have anywhere to go. no one said anything. that is the attitude. >> the woman asked that we not show her face. the health department says they're trying to figure out what happened here and that they're trying to help with temporary housing. the salvation campaign is struggling to meet its goal. donations are consistent with previous years. parts of the district and arlington are seeing a 30% jump into man. the salvation army is looking for as much help as it can get. >> our challenge is ahead of us. we believe the public has come out in the past. >> i am sure some people will hold back. >> the salvation army remains $700,000 shy of its target goal. hope you have a great
8:30 am
morning. ♪ without you can't help myself ♪ ♪ how does it feel three-time grammy winner, robin thicke, with a brand-new cd. about to become a father for the first time. we're going to check in with him and hear his fabulous, new music, in this half hour. we're all just swaying a little bit. good morning. good morning. robin, george, sam and juju. we keep breathing in. that's a wonderful, wonderful smell. >> who's going to win? they both smell great. we're also going to talk to robert downey jr. he's upstairs. he has a huge, new take on sherlock holmes. sure to be a blockbuster. coming out at christmas. and we talked about the need
8:31 am
for smell-o-vision, right. they have ten minutes left. are you feeling good over there? a little trash-talking going on? >> a little trash-talking going on. he's looking for the lasagna. i'm looking for the gumbo. >> i'm expecting pasta. >> we'll get right to it. first, let's get weather from sam. >> good morning, everybody. i don't know, guys, for the smackdown competition, best friend, this is hard. i need a little anger in those faces. this best friend isn't working for me for the competition thing. let's get to the boards. show you one or two things going on quickly. we have an action-packed half hour. if your friends aren't at the tv, drag them over. in the southeast, there is rain coming, from low pressure that will cruise through the southeast. get to the eastern seaboard. and by friday evening, spread some snow. we're going to show you where it first hits. it's the mountains. in the appalachians, in charlotte, knoxville, roanoke.
8:32 am
>> a very good morning. temperatures are in the 20's. we have eight chill. it is better out there. not quite as windy today. about 40 degrees. increasing clouds. all that weather was brought to you by, "did you hear about the morgans?" rated pg-13. and george with one of the coolest guys on the planet. >> big treat for me. more than 70 actors have played sherlock holmes in 200 films. and usually, he's portrayed as a bit of a prisz. he gets robert downey jr. treatment. he's gotten a golden globe nomination for the role. congratulations. >> hi. good morning. >> this is old hat for you now,
8:33 am
right? golden globes? >> i don't know. i think it's kind of exciting. and we love the movie. it's nice that that helps bring additional attention to it. you know? >> where did this take on sherlock holmes come from? >> strangely enough, in researching how to invigorate it, i'm surprised in the sequel-driven from society that it hadn't happened sooner. you know? i think in fact, it was more of a return to the characters as arthur conan doyle originally explained them. >> really? what do you mean by that? >> watson's been depicted as this bumbling twit with his foot in the waste paper basket. and i think a lot of that came from the mid century ideas and the takes that you want to have abbott and costello. when in fact, he was a soldier. a doctor. bit of a womanizer. a gambler. and sherlock was the first western martial artists, exactly described in the books.
8:34 am
i don't think they had the budget for it until now. >> here's how guy ritchie, the director, explained how you did sherlock holmes. he thinks like sherlock holmes. he's complicated like sherlock holmes. and he can really brawl. >> the haymaker. connect with the jaw. now, fracture. break cracked ribs. here, kick the diaphragm. in summary, jaw fractured, three ribs cracked. diaphragm hemmages. three to six weeks. capacity, in the back of the head, to last. >> engineered the ultimate fighter. the most ripped sherlock holmes i've ever seen. >> yeah. i got skinny. >> but how long did that te? >> that was just two days. >> to look like that. >> oh, to look like that? 44 years.
8:35 am
i don't know. it's just what the roll called for. and he's supposed to be, you know, all shredded up. so, i did it. >> and you had studied martial arts for a long time? >> yeah. i'm deeply devoted to it. and guy ritchie's a jujitsu master. jude's quite a boxer and very physical. we were a bunch of kids having a blast. >> somebody told me you had a guy-crush on jude law. >> what? quite the reverse. oh, in the movie. in the movie, my character doesn't want him to get married because that will take him away from me. in real life, jude was calling me last night, on his way out to dinner, telling me he missed me. >> we'll have to ask jude when he comes in tomorrow. >> you can ask him what you want. hopefully he'll tell the truth. >> in real life, you're ready to become a dad again? >> sure. why not?
8:36 am
are you ready for me to become a dad again? >> oh, no. you got the no. >> i don't know what she's doing. maybe she's looking at the weather. nope. that looked like she was doing some sort of second base coach move. i don't know what she's talking about. >> i would say that's pretty definitive, yeah. you got the kiss for luck on the way out. >> that's right. >> tell us about hugh hefner. >> what would you like me to tell you about hugh hefner? >> i hear that hugh hefner wants you to play him in the movie of his life. >> i love hugh hefner. i got to hang out with him a couple of months ago. and he took me through old archives. he's an incredibly exciting guy. >> would you do it? >> who knows what i'm going to do? who can afford me anymore? >> after christmas with "sherlock holmes." the movie opens on christmas day. what are you going to be doing christmas? >> what am i going to be doing christmas? as directed.
8:37 am
we will have a tree. we've been busy. we've been all over promoting this. we've been pleased that people are enjoying it. christmas for me is already happening. we'll probably unfortunately be watching to see how the film is doing. watching to see how the film is doing. >> c[sound of starter pistol] the race is on. who's going to win? the health insurance companies or us? we need lower costs, choice and real competition. but the insurance industry is spending millions to stop reform
8:38 am
and protect their profits. remember, if the insurance companies win, we lose. tell congress we need good health care we can afford with the choice of a public health insurance option now.
8:39 am
8:40 am
my surprise, today, is that your secret ingredient -- is anything from the white house garden. >> a look at first lady michelle obama's revealing the -- by the way in the challenge, the big challenge going on, the superchef battle. the ingredient was any produce from the white house garden. they had to figure it out. we have supermodels. but we have superchefs. not all chefs are created equal.
8:41 am
we've had time. the secret ingredient was apple. there was a little competition. emeril, there was a little plate-shoving. let's reveal your dish, emeril. what did you make? >> i made an apple and chorizo-smothered pork chop, with apple pilaf. >> we'll have to get some help. >> i have to say, this is tough for him and i to battle each other. okay. we're doing it. what do you think? >> steve, you have to take the first bite. >> taste it from the middle, steve. from the middle. >> from the middle. >> and get the apple. >> do you have to look for the apple? >> it is. >> the apple is in every bite of the meal. >> it is. >> a lot of people when they get famous, they start saying that they don't eat pork. but i'm from the country. so --
8:42 am
>> come on. come on. bam! [ laughter ] >> juju? >> over here on team mario. >> that's good. you're going to come somewhere else now. >> we're on team mario. giving him a neck rub here. >> i'm feeling good. you ready? on the bottom of the plate we have mcintosh apples with balsamic vinegar. we have green apples, granny smith apples. it's coming. green ap until a fritter style, dusted with spicy cayenne. we have a park tenderloin, that's rubbed with cuban. filled with a chorizo green vinaigrette. with an apple cider vinaigrette. >> go ahead, steve. try that one. >> i'm going to get some. not going to the edge. get the ap until there. >> get a little of the fritter there. >> it's barely on the plate. >> all of a sudden, it got
8:43 am
competitive. they were nice to each other until this moment. >> get some of the cuban apple sauce on there. >> here we go. >> here we go. >> oh, yeah. >> uh-oh. uh-oh. >> wow. >> oh. >> wow, man. >> it is a real competition. now, i'd like to say that all of us win because we have the world's best chefs cooking food for us. >> wow. >> but there has to be one winner of the "gma" coveted golden apple trophy that cost us a fortune. and plus, we pulled out the so, steve, you have to pick one winner. >> the budget's done. >> only one. only one. >> it's tough. i don't know why you had me do it. >> we have to deal with these guys. >> yeah. >> we want them to eat with us. >> i'm here once a month. >> like a sacrificial lamb. >> oh, man. that's a tough one, man.
8:44 am
>> between friends, steve. high stakes. >> talk about what's best about both of them. >> that's a great idea. >> the pork chop in here was succulent. >> this is a bad sign. bad sign. >> i'm trying to sound like i know what i'm talking about. different contours of flavor. the te the texture here. it blends together perfectly. the jalapeno. the japanese -- >> get on with it, will you? >> the polynesian. i have to tell you, people in other countries have it going on. >> do we actually have a winner, steve? >> i have to tell you, man. if i were doing it. >> uh-huh? >> these guys who know each other, i'm not kidding you, are going to have to go out here and hold this trophy up together. >> honestly, did not encourage that. >> i've got to tell you, man. >> to pick a winner. if that's fair, that's fair. if your taste buds are telling
8:45 am
you -- >> these dishes are delicious. you can't pick a winner here. i think these guys are great. >> let me get around and get the coveted golden apple trophy. >> come on. keep eating. >> will this hold together? or will it fall apart? gentlemen, i need you both in the middle. steve harvey has proclaimed you both. this will have to be shared. one week in one restaurant. the week in the other. >> we are team members, you know? >> i actually thought this would be a slapdown. but there was a co-winner. now, they're going to have to put their recipes together. they will be online momentarily. they're not online just yet. but you'll be able to find them at "gma."com/recipes. he is on
8:46 am
8:47 am
he is on fire.
8:48 am
we're so happy to have back, three-time grammy winner, robin thicke. back with a new cd titled "sex therapy." we're going to have music in a moment. first, let's chat. you have such an energy. you have such a love. you've been entertaining the audience here in our studio. >> doing bill weather's "lean on me." you started it. >> only thing i know on the piano. "sex therapy." tell me about that. >> it's in the history of marvin gaye's "sexual healing." we have all of the stress in our day and our work. "sex therapy" is about being in love with somebody. at the end of the day, after all that work, you need to be able to relax with each other and find love. you know? and find peace at the end of the day. that's what this album hopefully promotes is peace and love at the end of a long day. >> we know you have peace and love with your beautiful wife, paula madden.
8:49 am
you're going to be a father. excited about fatherhood? >> thank you. thank you. >> yeah. >> i'm very excited, actually. the baby's due in may. and this kind of changes everything. makes you grow up quickly. >> sure. >> there's a baby on the way. >> and you have a name picked out if it's a boy or girl. >> julian, if it's a boy. >> and if it's a girl? >> we know it's going to be a boy. >> congratulations. what are you going to sing for us? >> this is a song called "two lovebirds." it's on the new album. when you fall in love at first sight. anyou go through all of the ups and downs in a relationship. and you almost don't make it. but then, you realize that the two of you were meant to be together forever. it's kind of a true story. >> well, you said it. the whole album is about that. robin thicke, from his brand-new album. i say album. i know it's cd. "sex therapy." "two lovebirds."
8:50 am
♪ ooh, ooh ♪ she loved to fly she ran away ♪ ♪ from something at home she would not say ♪ ♪ she needed new friends no doors would open ♪ ♪ she had no place to stay ♪ ♪ then came a bird who knew the town ♪ ♪ who barely ever left the ground ♪ ♪ they saw each other they saw forever ♪ ♪ they both knew it right away ♪ ♪ two love birds two love signs ♪ ♪ you got me going
8:51 am
out of my mind ♪ ♪ i love you for a lifetime ♪ ♪ you got me going out of my mind ♪ ♪ two love birds to love signs, ♪ ♪ you got me going out of my mind ♪ ♪ i love you for a lifetime ♪ ♪ you got me going out of my mind ♪ ♪ they had it good not lots of style ♪ ♪ not lots of money just lots of love ♪ ♪ she started working he learned to cook ♪ ♪ somehow they made their way ♪ ♪ then they started flying all around on their own ♪ ♪ up in the sky and now they're never ever home ♪ ♪ they started fighting then it got silent ♪ ♪ they didn't know how to
8:52 am
make it without each other ♪ ♪ two love birds two love signs ♪ ♪ you got me going out of my mind ♪ ♪ i love you for a lifetime ♪ ♪ you got me going out of my mind ♪ ♪ two love birds two love signs ♪ ♪ you got me going out of my mind ♪ ♪ i love you for a lifetime ♪ ♪ you got me going out of my mind ♪
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
the can can line. >> i know.
8:56 am
thanks to steve. thanks to mario. you can see the white house special on january 3rd, on the food network. tomorrow here on "good morning america," we're going to bid farewell to our dear, dear friend. charlie gibson. tomorrow is his last day at abc. we're going to send him off in style. >> we'll also have robert downey jr.'s partner in solving crime. that's jude law. he'll be here live. >> have a great day. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning, everybody. i am alison starling with your local update.
8:57 am
first let's look at traffic and the weather. any trouble spots out there? >> one of those is 66 eastbound with a truck broken-down blocking one of the lanes. this is a trouble spot where we take you live. an suv flipped over on the outer loop towards virginia, just about the virginia shore line. only two to the right to get by. it is visible for traffic heading into bethesda. we had to the weather center. >> you can see streaming high clouds. beautiful clouds across the metro area. you can see them along the line of the potomac river. the sunshine and makes for a cool picture. and then take a look at these numbers. a little bit of a breeze. factor the wind on top of those numbers.
8:58 am
it can feel like the teens in some areas. look at the maps. we have 40 today with sunshine. 40 to more with added clouds. this weekend, cloudy and cold. snow is likely. to road to tell how much. there will be measurable snow. >> thank you. we are following breaking news. a major change at the top of the redskins organization. vice president vinny cerrato has announced his resignation. an official announcement is expected at a news conference later this afternoon. we will keep you posted. we think for watching. "live with regis and kelly" is next. "live with regis and kelly" is next.
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